Saratoga II TC

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The Saratoga was created to add executive comfort and style to an ultra reliable, stable, and well proven workhorse design.  Our aircraft has comfortable seats, amble room and carry capacity, as well as modern technology that greatly improves your flight experience.

Our company loves to offer experiences unique to the requirements for each customer.  The intercom allows us to isolate the pilot from passengers. On flights where passengers desire privacy, the pilot can isolate themselves until needed.  On our adventure flights, the pilot would be very happy to talk about the amazing surroundings of southeast Queensland, answer any questions and keep up a good conversation!


Our company enjoys good music, good conversation and occasionally a good bit of peace and quiet. To achieve all of these, we use the highest quality headset available, the Bose a20. This headset offers exceptional noise cancelling ability. The Saratoga is already quieter than many other charter aircraft, but with the headset on the experience can be as quiet as your living room. These headsets also can use Bluetooth to play music and take phone calls.


Business never has to stop!

One useful bonus to flying in charter aircraft is the lack of restrictions on cell phone use for passengers. When flying around southeast Queensland at the lower altitudes this aircraft allows, phone and data coverage is near continuous. Feel free to call friends, message, post pictures or update your status in flight.

Fly in style


Your pilot has total mastery over temperature with advanced air conditioning and heating systems. These allow the cabin to be cool and calming on the hottest of Queensland days and toasty warm during cold winter days.


This aircraft features a wide and relatively spacious interior compared to most charter aircraft, the interior features ample leg and headroom. Piper once advertised how much space is inside the aircraft by removing the seats and loading a piano into the rear cabin.  A far cry from itchy and cramped airline seats, our aircraft features supporting and revitalising white leather seats.  The forward and rear seats recline to provide extra room and comfort. The cabin was built to use club seating, where passengers face each other, so our passengers can experience flight face to face.




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