Come explore with a Sky Dance Bay Island Tour.

The Bay Island tour is a scenic flight adventure that explores the many islands of Moreton Bay from the air.  Ideal for those who want to see just a little bit more of South East Queensland.

The Sky Dance Bay Island Tour with an island picnic getaway begins at Archerfield Jet Base with a presentation on the spiritual and geological history of the area. Enjoy fresh espresso, chocolates, and refreshments, before boarding our VIP turbo-charged Piper Saratoga or Piper Chieftain.

Departing from Archerfield Airport the Bay Island tour takes you to explore the archipelago of inhabited and uninhabited islands that make up the spectacular Moreton Bay. You will be able to view the Brisbane City skyscrapers and coastline from the air while flying out towards the bay. With the unique geological history of Southeast Queensland, this scenic flight adventure allows you to experience the area from a perspective few people ever see. The islands and coastline extend North and South, the Scenic Rim and Border Ranges are visible to the West, and the Brisbane River runs down through the middle. This area is one of Australia’s most important coastal resources and is home to Large fish, Dolphins, Sting Ray, Sharks, Giant Turtles and other sea life inhabiting it’s shallow waters. The bay is also the only place in Australia where Dugong gather into herds.

The luxury picnic getaway lands you in one of our carefully selected airfields tucked away in the hills of Southeast Queensland. A luxury picnic and local snacks compliment the thrill of the experience! This is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family, or take that special someone on a date they will remember for the rest of their life!

Discover Australia from the sky on this island adventure with Sky Dance, and leave with a new appreciation of this beautiful part of the world!

If a full day of island fun is what you are after – The Stradbroke Island Adventure is a wild amount of fun. Explore the island with Barefoot Dave by 4WD. Includes 3 course, homemade, locally caught Aussie meal on the beach, sand boarding, swimming, and much more.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Archerfield Jet Base, Hangar 5, QANTAS Ave, Archerfield QLD 4108
DEPARTURE TIME Flights operate daily – please contact us or BOOK NOW to see current availability.
45 min flight experience Sky Dance Presentation
Pre-flight drinks and refreshments Luxury Sky Dance Experience
Optional Extras
 Business Board Meetings Door to Door VIP Transport
Romantic/ Photography package Stradbroke Island Adenture!

Sky Dance is adventure! Get a taste of flight with this introduction to adventure in the sky

Extras explained

  • VIP Experience – Enjoy fresh espresso, chocolates, champagne, and refreshments at our 1930s themed Archerfield Jet Base. Exceptional value!
  • Door-to-door pickup and dropoff: Enjoy luxury and comfort door-to-door with the Sky Dance Mercedes V-Class or limo service. This means you won’t need to worry about enjoying the wine or driving home after a long day.
  • Romantic or Photography package: Native flowers, chocolates, handwritten card, and champagne included. Custom options on request.
  • The Stradbroke Island Adventure is for those wanting a full day of adventure exploring the island by 4WD. Includes 3 course homemade locally caught Aussie meal on the beach, sand boarding, swimming and more.


Flights can depart daily subject to availability – morning and evening flights are prefered as the flying conditions are generally better. Approximately 45 – 60 min flight experience.

  • Booking in advance is recommended.
  • Flights fully transferable to your friends or family.
  • Bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Other airport departures are available with surcharge.
  • Special dietary requirements are catered for upon request.
  • Knowledgeable guides and guaranteed satisfaction!
  • Prices are based on a minimum 4 person booking and subject to weather.

This island adventure is recommended during the Morning and late afternoon. The cooler temperatures and fewer thermals make the flying smoother, and the visibility is usually better as well.

The experience is about 2 hours long, including a Sky Dance presentation, refreshments, flight briefings, and a 45min to 1 hour flight around the islands. The flight route takes you from Archerfield Airport out east just south of the Brisbane City. After overflying the Brisbane Coastline, Moreton Bay and the coral reefs come into sight – teeming with marine life this area is one of the most important coastal resources in Australia. Dolphins, Sting Ray, Sharks, Turtles, and an abundance of other fish populate the waters. After flying across Stradbroke Island, the flight takes you up the eastern coastline towards Point Lookout and Amity Point. Crossing the shallow waterway in-between Moreton and Stradbroke Island is especially beautiful during the changing of the tides, as the water currents can flow at tremendous speeds creating wild rapids and standing waves in the small channel.

After flying up the eastern coastline of Southern Moreton Island and across the famous Sand Dunes, the return journey will take you down the Western coastline of Southern Moreton and past numerous shipwrecks and fisheries. Landing at Dunwich Airfield on Stradbroke Island is where the fun starts with a luxury picnic and some time to relax and experience a little of the island. The perfect place to kick back and enjoy some island vibes together, or reconnect with that special someone.

This flight route takes you on our choice flight route through some of the most beautiful locations on these sand islands. If you know where you want to fly and it is within the flight range, custom flight routes are available as well. If you know what you want to see, talk with your pilot on the day and he or she can substitute different parts of the island.

We are looking forward to sharing an airborne adventure with you soon!

The Sky Dance Team

Moreton Island flyover - Bay Island Tour
Whale migration of Stradbroke Is
Bay Islands scenic tour
Brisbane City scenic flight departing Archerfield Airport

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