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Let us be your partner in flight!

Personal Aircraft Charter puts you in your own personal aircraft, with our professional SKY DANCE service and absolute safety that you can rely on. Travel in style to your next client meeting or business conference using SKY DANCE aircraft charter.  Our aircraft charter solutions makes the complicated simple, giving you the power to accomplish more.  We solve transport and logistics problems and strive to make our customers happy.

Whether you need a one off charter or are looking for frequent FIFO solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the best equipment and right personnel for the job at hand.  At SKY DANCE we provide a reliable service and excellent experience.  We are experienced air operators in the Australian outback contact us today to discus your charter aircraft needs.


24/7 Service

We fly when you need it most.

Remote Landings

We are experienced in outback landings and remote airport procedures.


With a proven track record, your safety is our highest priority.


We can provide pick up and transfers by a fleet of luxury cars.


Our prize aircraft is a Panther Chieftain, identifiable by the sleek winglets and the quiet sound of her four blade propellers. Seating up to 9 passengers the chieftain is roomy and comfortable to fly in.

Save Time

Do not wait in line!

Go Direct

Go direct to your location, with parking meters from the aircraft door. Save time on transfers and avoid out of the way stop overs.


Our private flights are extremely affordable by the time you save on airport parking, accommodation, remote transfers, time saved and the opening of remote Queensland markets to your businesses.

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Sky Dance aircraft Charter is based out of Archerfield Airport, Brisbane

Sky Dance is conveniently based out of the Archerfield Jet Base at Archerfield Airport, just 20 minutes South of Brisbane City! If you are traveling from Brisbane in the morning you will miss the morning commuter rush saving you time and aggravation. There are no requirements to adhere to airline schedules so you are in control. Create your own timetable – there are no curfews at Archerfield Airport.

We work closely with a number of operators around Australia with a very high standard in quality, comfort and reliability. The primary aircraft used are the modified Panther Piper Chieftain (10 seater twin-engine) and Piper Saratoga (6 seater single-engine), both turbocharged and air-conditioned with club-seating arrangements. We are very proud to charter with Brisbane Flight Charter as operated by Actas Pty Ltd. NSW577574-06 for these aircraft.

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