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    Discover Australia with Sky Dance!

    We take pride in excellence, flying our guests to some of the most beautiful places in the country and meeting some real Australian characters and communities. We do not provide production-line products, and we aim to immerse our guests in the experience and leave them with something more than what they came with…the Sky Dance Experience!


    Professional aircraft charter and fly-in fly-out Contract Operations

    We use the experience gained in outback adventure operations to service small mines and remote strips. We apply the same level of excellence to our business charter and fly-in fly-out operations as we do to our high-end guests.


    Perhaps you’d like to speak with us at a time that best suits you? Book in a time to meet with us with a phone call. Partnerships, employment, or bookings welcomed.

    Operators that Sky Dance uses to build some of the adventures – Tiger Moth Joy Rides, Flight Options Charter, Gold Coast Skydive, RAM Charter, Skydive Ramblers, Ultimate Thrill Joy Rides, Flight One, and many others. We are proud of our team, and only use Sky Dance Approved Pilots for your experiences. The primary aircraft that we use are operated under the Aircraft Operators Certificate: NSW577574-06 with Brisbane Flight Charter.

    Ayers Rock - Uluru - Outback air safaris with Sky Dance. Uluru air adventure