Nick Neynens – Red Bull X-Alps

Nick Neynens is competing in the Red Bull Air Race this year. A long-time friend of Sky Dance, Nick hails from the island down south (New Zealand South Island), but lived in Brisbane for many years. Joshua Groth – (Sky Dance founder and director) is flying over to Europe to follow some of the Red Bull X-Alps flight route and will be recording the action on the blog.

The Red Bull X-Apls race is a race that is over 1000km long, and run in around a week. Only hiking, running, and flying by paraglider they kick off in Austria on the 5th of July.

x-apls route 2015
We are an active follower on Nick Neynens blog Share My Joys and recommend anyone to go have a read. Inspiring as ever!

Here is a brief video of Nick’s record flight in NZ a few months ago.

Stay tuned – more to come soon.

Blue Skies and Happy Trails…
(cheers A. Gannett for the cover photo)

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