Wear whatever is comfortable. It is recommended to have a sturdy pair of broken-in trail shoes, boots, or sneakers. It is preferable to dress in layers and wear clothing that will wick away perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable.  While the outback can be hot during the day, nights are often cold and a jacket maybe required.

Not much, remember our trips are all inclusive. We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the season and a day pack to carry personal extras, snacks and water.

Sky Dance pilots know that a fear of flying usually comes from a feeling of “lack of control” or because someone doesn’t understand what’s happening. We always talk passengers through exactly what will happen during the flight and our pilots are very happy to go above and beyond to make sure our customers feel safe. For people who are so scared they cannot get into an airplane, we can organise a flight simulator “fear of flying” program which have great success rates in curing this fear.

We try very hard to avoid air sickness by flying in calm conditions where ever possible. Unfortunately bumps are a part of flying and can not always be avoided. If you keep a good look out the window, you shouldn’t get sick. Your good-lookin’ Sky Dance pilot will remind you to spend your time looking out to the horizon, and there are mints and drinks to help you as well. If you do get sick, there are purpose-built sick-sacks for you to use. Air Sickness is caused from the disorientation of your visual cues from your balance and orientation.

Our in-flight toilet is a small disposable one, and is intended for emergencies only. Our office has a restroom for you to use and you will always be reminded to visit before departure.  For comfort no flight will be longer than 2 1/2 hours in duration.

Preflight arrival:  We usually recommend arriving 15min before your scheduled flight time to avoid any delays you may have.  Please use the map here for directions to Archerfield Jet Base.